Someone Skipped Bail?

Raleigh Bail Bondsman

We don’t expect any of the customers we work with to skip out on bail. Unfortunately, it does happen. Usually people get bailed out because their loved ones can’t bear to see them behind bars, and so they can work on building a case with good legal counsel instead of just waiting for their court date in jail. If a friend or loved one doesn’t show up for court despite all you’ve done for them, you must remember one thing:


Many people who don’t honor their bond agreements will ask close friends or family members to house them and this is illegal. Harboring a fugitive is a crime and you can end up in just as much trouble as the person you are harboring. If they are threatening you, call the police. Don’t go down the same path they are on. This is not just a favor they are asking – this is them asking you to risk your freedom and reputation. Don’t do it.

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If you called Kahuna Bail Bonds in Raleigh and arranged to have a friend or family member bailed out, we the bail bondsmen are going to face financial liability if they don’t honor their agreement with the court. Since you don’t want us associating their mistakes with you, you should call us immediately to let us know your friend or family member has skipped bail, and any information you may have on their whereabouts. We know it can be difficult and you may be feeling guilty, but you are doing the right thing.

Info courtesy of: Big Angels Bail Bonds